Glue Nozzle Opener

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Colour: Black

Adhesive Nozzle Opener

If you've ever tried removing your glue nozzle, you'll know its a struggle with glue ending up everywhere. Try the nozzle opener, designed to fit around multiple sized  glues.  

How to use:

  • Choose the appropriate key size
  • Slowly and carefully to avoid damaging the sides of the bottle, slide key around the nozzle base
  • Once key opener is firmly in place, pull up to remove the nozzle
  • Very quickly using a glue wipe, clean the rims of the adhesive
  • Insert the new nozzle by firmly squeezing it down
  • Screw lid back on. If lid does not close and keeps turning, this usually means the nozzle is not sealed correctly or there is adhesive in the top of your lid.

Key Size:

  • L-6cm W-3cm
  • 5 key sizes 


  • Pink
  • Rose
  • Blue
  • Black