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Lash Extensions is an increasingly popular beauty service that more and more people rely on to save time and effort daily. I'm sure you or someone you know get their lashes done. Lash extensions always evolve, so they stay at the forefront of highly requested beauty services. 


If you've been thinking about doing a lash course but worried about the market being over-saturated, it's not! One lash artist can't lash everyone, there is only so many clients she can lash per day/week. If you've been thinking about it and really want to do it for the right reasons, then do it! 


Completing a course is just the beginning. But did you know the level of education you receive plays a huge role in your success? We at The Lash Store have met so many new lash artists ready to give up on lashes because they were poorly taught, had no path on what to do next and never received the support they were once promised. 40% of our students have come to us after being taught elsewhere. 


Our courses are led by an experienced lash technician who will teach you everything you need to know from ground zero up. It covers everything from choosing the right type of lashes to applying them correctly and everything in between. You will learn how to create different lash styles, how to maintain them and how to remove them safely. But why should you choose my lash course over others? For starters, Betty, The owner and Founder of The Lash Store HQ has been in business for 9 years. So, to say she has experience is an understatement. The Lash Store offers in-person and online eyelash courses. 


What makes The Lash Store’s lash extension training course stand out?

Our lash courses are intimate, small, and interactive, ensuring each student receives the attention they need to elevate their skills. During the eyelash course, you will be trained by a highly experienced lash artist with over 9 years of industry experience. 

"My course is not just about learning how to apply lashes but also about learning how to run a successful lash business. I will teach you how to market your business, price your services, and attract new clients. With my course, you will have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the lash industry." - Betty


What are the different lash training courses available at The Lash Store?

We offer face-to-face eyelash technician courses and online eyelash courses that’ll equip you with all the information, skills, and knowledge needed to run a successful lash business. From theory and kit education to practice applications to perfect your form, both courses are led by a professional lash artist who will teach you the same in-depth and informative content.


Who is your lash technician course best suited to?

Our in-person and online lash technician courses are designed for beginners — ideal for those looking to enter the industry. We also offer refresher eyelash courses for students who didn’t get the most out of previous courses completed elsewhere. These sessions are custom-designed and carefully tailored to each student's unique skill set and needs.


What will I learn from this lash extension training course?

During your lash technician course, you’ll be taught everything you need to know to establish yourself in the lash technician industry. From specialised techniques, price scaling, and how to conduct an effective client consultation to hygiene standards and removal procedures, you’ll be equipped with the business, social and client retention knowledge needed to succeed. After completing your eyelash extension training course, you’ll receive ongoing coaching for as long as necessary.

What is the cost of your eyelash course?

The face-to-face course costs $2,400, while the online course costs $1,449.


How long is your eyelash extension training course?

As industry experts, we know you can’t perfect your skills in a single day. That’s why our courses are designed for maximum impact and run over 2 weeks. We follow the below outline: 

  • Day 1 — In-studio theory and technique practice
  • Day 2 to 7 — At-home training on a dummy head where feedback will be provided after each lash set. 
  • Day 8 — In the studio, you’ll watch a live infill, learn how to complete a removal and perform a verbal exam based on our manual
  • Day 9 to 13 — Advanced at-home practice on a dummy head 
  • Day 14 — Live exam on a model followed by graduation with a certificate of completion.