Starting a career as a lash technician or artist can be exciting and rewarding. Whether you work as an artist in your own salon or for someone else, having the right lash supplies and equipment is essential for your success.

It can be a little daunting when you're first starting out. How much do you buy? What do you really need? And what can you purchase later on… In this blog, we discuss the top ten essential items needed for a new lash technician/artist to provide high-quality lash extensions and create beautiful lash sets.


1. Lash Extension Trays

Lash extensions are the key to providing your clients with beautiful lash sets. I'm sure you’ve heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” There is a BIG difference in quality when it comes to lash extension supplies. Using premium lash extensions gives you premium results and allows you to charge premium prices. Lash extensions should be animal and cruelty-free.

You’ll need a variety of volumes to cater to all clients; however, this is something you can build over time. To start with, choose 3 or 4 volumes; as your clientele grows, you can add more. The range of sizes/lengths will depend on your clientele. Do they like them long and thick? Or are they more of a short-lash girl? Premades come in a large range of volumes and lengths. Lengths start at 7mm and go up to 17mm, with volumes ranging from 2D to 14D, so it’s important you buy the lash ranges that will suit your clientele.

The Lash Store also has mixed-length trays, so int he one tray you'll have 8 to 15mm of your choosen volume. They are a great and cost-effective way to help build your kits. For example, if a client wants a specific volume you don’t currently have, you can buy the mixed-length tray instead of buying all the single-sized trays.

Below, we have created 4 volume options that would work great for any new lash artist. For lengths, we always recommend starting your lash sets with either a 7,8,9mm. Then, work out what the longest lengths your clients would want. 14,15,16, or 17mm. Trays are available in both small and mega sizes. (Mega trays work out cheaper per fan)

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

2D 0.10

3D 0.07

3D 0.07

2D 0.10

4D 0.07

5D 0.05

5D 0.07

4D 0.07

6D 0.05

9D 0.05

7D 0.05

6D 0.05



10D 0.05

8D 0.05

Not sure what all these numbers mean? Check out this blog "Understanding Lash Tray Terminology Blog" which breaks it all down in simple terms!


2. Liquid Essentials
Along with quality lashes, having the right liquids will impact your work's quality, speed, and retention. These are all important factors for gaining lash clients and, most importantly, keeping them returning!
To make your life easier, at The Lash Store, we have created bundles to get you started on the right path. There are 4 items you will need – Lash Primer, Lash Adhesive, Lash Bonder and Lash Remover. Below is a description of each product and how they are used.


Lash Primer (Step 1)
Lash primer is the first step in the lash application process and is designed to remove any residue, surface oil, dirt, and makeup residue from the natural lash. Natural lashes must be squeaky clean to ensure the bonding is not compromised and create a superior hold that gives you the best retention. We recommend using a Lash Primer over a Lash Bath as it gets those lashes PH balanced and squeaky clean.

Lash Adhesive (Step 2)
A high-quality adhesive is crucial for adhering the lash extensions to the natural lashes. The adhesive should be safe for use around the eyes, long-lasting, and provide a strong bond without causing irritation or allergies. Choosing an adhesive that works well with the lash extensions you are using is important.
You may need to try different lash adhesives until you find the one that works for you and your working environment. Always read the directions on the lash adhesive bottle and follow the room temperature and humidity range guidance for optimal results.

Want to expand your understanding of Lash Adhesives? We have a great blog to help! "All About Lash Adhesives" The Lash Store has 3 Lash Adhesives from which to choose.

Lash Bonder (Step 3)
The Lash bonder is the final step in the lash application process and is designed to set the lashes. It cures the lash adhesive, creating a superior bond and maximising retention while reducing chemical exposure. It is an absolute MUST!

Lash Remover
A quality lash remover is an essential in every Lash Tech's kit. As a beginner, we recommend purchasing the [Cream Lash Remover]; it is gentler and more forgiving. As you build up your comfort level with lash removals, you can progress to using the Jelly Lash Remover.


3. Lash Wash & Rinser Bottle
Just like we shampoo our hair extensions, we too need to shampoo our lash extensions. A lash wash is a vital part of maintaining the health and longevity of the lash extensions. It is designed to remove makeup, oils, and dead skin cells from the lashes, regularly cleansing the lashes also helps prevent infection and eye irritation.

Ideally, clients would attend their appointment makeup-free with cleansed lashes! If not, completing a lash bath with a quality lash wash and rinser bottle will ensure you work off a clean base before the priming step.

Reminding your clients about the importance of washing their lashes before each appointment is good practice. You can do this via your appointment confirmation text. This will save you time, product, and cost. If clients arrive with clean lashes, you can skip the lash bath and use the Lash Primer to prep lashes instead, which creates a superior bond!

Remember to explain the aftercare of lash extensions and the importance of cleansing lashes with your client. You can stock Lash Shampoo to sell to your clients. At The Lash Store, we have 5pk pre-filled lash shampoo, including brushes, with instructions on the label—add your branding sticker and sell.


4. Lash Tweezers
Tweezers are your tools of trade! A set of high-quality tweezers will improve the speed and quality of your work. You can try different tweezers to find the best ones for you. Make sure you don’t drop your tweezers; once dropped, they will become blunt and useless! We recommend always having a spare set of tweezers on hand in this case.

During the lash extension application, you will need two tweezers: one to isolate the natural lash and another to pick up the Lash Extension. Different types of tweezers are available to help with different techniques and styles of lash application. Investing in good-quality tweezers will make the application process easier and more efficient.

We recommend purchasing a [Tweezer Cleanser] to accompany your tweezers. This will allow you to clean your tweezers on the go, removing any glue buildup (which happens as a newbie!). And, of course, alcohol pads to disinfect your tweezers after each client.


5. Lash Pads
Lash pads or gel pads protect the lower lashes and delicate under-eye area during the lash extension application process. They help hold down the lower lashes while we rest our tweezers on them.

Investing in good-quality Lash pads will ensure they stay in place once applied, feel comfortable for your client, and adhere well to your lash tape. They should also be lint-free, allowing your tweezers to glide smoothly across during application.

Expert tip: To get your Lash Pads to adhere to the skin well, we recommend you prep/cleanse the undereye area with Witch Hazel, a skin toner designed to remove oils, makeup, and skin creams from the skin, creating a clean base to adhere your lash pads to the skin.


6. Lash Tapes
Lash tape isolates and secures the lower lashes during the lash extension application process. It helps to keep the lower lashes out of the way and provides a clean working area for the technician. Lash tape is also useful for creating different lash extension styles and designs.

You will need at least 2 types of Lash Tapes:

  1. Tape for the bottom lashes, which sit over the lash pads in a criss-cross position. We recommend sensitive tapes or pink and green lash tapes for this area.
  2. Tape to manoeuvre the skin of the eyelid to assist with getting to the inner natural lashes. We recommend using the P.E tape or Japanese Nichiban Tapes.

Using the right tape for the right area is important to protect the area and not create client discomfort. It will also make your life easier by allowing you to work efficiently without the need to adjust tape constantly.


7. Lash Tiles
Lash tiles are an essential item for all lash artists. They hold strips of lash fans and come with a jade stone to house your adhesive dots. Save time by prefilling your lash tile before your client's arrival. Load it up with the sizes and volumes your clients require for their infills. After use, place them in a dust-free area, i.e., a container.

We never recommend working off a Lash Tray. The sides of the lash trays prevent you from picking up the fan at the right angle, which can cause your fans to collapse; keeping the lash tray open the entire time will allow dirt to fall onto the holding tape and potentially ruin your fans. Never apply adhesive directly onto the jade stone, as this will destroy the stone's natural properties. Always use tape (we recommend [non-woven tape]) or adhesive stickers. Remove tape with each glue dot; don’t place fresh glue over old glue, as it will cause your new glue dot to cure.


8. Drying Fan
An essential item for every lash artist! Used in all steps of lash extension application - From priming to bonding.


9. Disposables Brushes
Hygiene is of the utmost importance in your workspace. Disposables are designed to be used once and thrown out after each use. The following items are essential for the Lash Extension Application process:

Lash Brushes (Spoolies)
These are Used to brush out lashes during and after lash extension application. You can then provide them to your client to take away after service.

Lip Brushes
These are used with Lash Primer to cleanse lashes.

Longhead Micro Brushes
This brush does it all! Its extra-long sponge and bendable head make it ideal for applying Lash Bonder at the end of the lash application process.

Micro Brushes
A micro-tipped brush for a precise application. Perfect for Lash Priming, Lash Bonding and Lash Removals.

All the above are available in various colours to match your salon décor!


10. Salon Equipment: Lash Pillow, Bed & Light
Lashing full time can take a toll on your body, particularly your neck and back if you are not set up ergonomically. Invest in good quality salon equipment to manage this and keep your neck and back protected.

Lash bed
There are many bed options out there, and initially, while you are setting up your business, this can be your most expensive purchase. However, we recommend you start with a second-hand bed or a manual adjustable bed through eBay/Facebook Marketplace, etc., and as your business expands, you can upgrade to an electronic version. Adjusting the bed height and angle is important for you and your clients' comfort, so we recommend you invest wisely.

Moon Light
Lighting is so important when it comes to lashing, allowing you to see your client's lashes and being able to work with ease. A mood-shaped light is ideal as it gently illuminates your working area without a bright light in your clients’ eyes or creating shadows. Lighting is key to taking great photos, too!

Not all lights are created equal; again, you pay for what you get! Invest wisely and read reviews so you are not wasting your money. Check out our range of that we use in our salon.

Lash Pillow
A comfortable lash pillow is essential for ensuring the client's comfort during the lash extension application process. A contoured lash pillow supports the client's neck and head, allowing them to relax and keep their eyes closed during the treatment. Using a lash pillow also helps you, the lash technician, work more efficiently and comfortably.

In conclusion, having the essential items mentioned above is crucial for a new lash technician to deliver beautiful lash extensions and provide a professional service to clients. Investing in high-quality products and tools will enhance your work's quality and ensure your client's safety and satisfaction. As you start your journey as a lash technician, make sure to stock up on these essential items and continue to hone your skills to become a successful lash artist.

The Team at The Lash Store is available to answer any questions you may have. Visit us in-store, give us a call, or send us a DM!