Classic & Premade Lash Extension Online Course

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Classic & Premade Lash Extension Online Course

Do you want to do our lash course but live too far out?
Or are you someone who is time-restricted and can only get things done once babies are sleeping? Or do you prefer to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home?

Our online course has the same educational & practical lessons as our in-person course and comes with a kit, certificate and support.

Why Train with Us?

  • Our online lash extension course came about during COVID-19 & has been a successful part of our business ever since.
  • We've been lucky enough to have students from around the world log in & learn!
  • We've been in the lash industry for eight years. We have taught 250+ girls, lashed 10,000+ eyes & sold supplies to 20,000+ customers!
  • We have the knowledge, experience & expertise to teach you!

Online training so you can learn at your own pace. Lessons, videos and assessments to ensure you are learning all that is needed to make you successful!

You'll have six months to complete the course, with an extension if necessary!

Entire course, kit, certification guidance & support!

What will I learn?
• Understanding Lashes
• Classic Lash Application
• Premade Lash Application
• Lash mapping and styling
• Infills and removals
• Safety and Hygiene
• Setting up business & socials
• Aftercare and so much more!

What's in the kit: 

  • Classic D Lashes mixed length trays (.15) x 1
  • 2D 0.10 D (9-16mm) x 8 trays
  • 4D 0.07 C (8-15mm) x 8 trays
  • Practice False Lashes x 10 pairs
  • Practice sponge x1
  • Isolate Tweezer x1
  • Pick Up Tweezer x1
  • Lash Mattifier x1 
  • Lash Reset x1
  • Mega Lash Tile x2
  • Lash Wash + Brush x1
  • Lash Brushes 100pk x1
  • Lip Brushes 100pk x1
  • Micro brushes 100pk x1
  • Kiki Dummy Head x1
  • Cleansing Cotton Eye Pads 80pk x1
  • Gel Eye Pads 50 pk x1
  • Micropore Tape x1
  • P.E Tape x1
  • Green Tape x1
  • Witch-hazel Cleanser x1
  • Liquid Pump x1
  • Lash Rinser x 1
  • Handheld Fan x 1
  • Tape Dispenser 1.25cm x1
  • Tape Dispenser 2.5cm x1
  • Glue Wipes x1
  • Lash Bra x1
  • Certificate
  • Plus extra items

Payment Plans:
To purchase the course using a payment plan (i.e. Afterpay/Klarna, etc.), it must be purchased here on this website due to the course website settings not being compatible with these payment methods.

After purchase:
We will register you as a student and provide you with login details. Your kit will be sent out, and tracking details will be provided. 

If you have any questions before deciding, please contact the team. Phone: 02 8021 5588 or