Mega Lash Tile + Lid

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Colour: White

Mega Lash Tile with Lid and Stone

Lash tiles are an essential item for all lash artists. It's a tile that holds your strips of lash fans and comes with a jade stone to house your adhesive dots.

Save time by prefilling it before your client's arrival. Load it up with the sizes and volume your clients require for infills. After use, place the lid back on and pack away!

Our mega lash tiles are perfectly sized to fit the length of a mega tray lash strip.

Why we never recommend working off a tray. The sides of the lash trays prevent you from picking up the fan at the right angle, which can cause your fans to collapse; keeping the lash tray open the entire time will allow dirt to fall onto the holding tape and potentially ruin your fans. Never apply adhesive directly onto the jade stone, as this will destroy the stone's natural properties. Always use tape or stickers.


  • Tile L 12cm* W10cm
  • Cover L12.5* W10.5* D3cm


  • White
  • Pink