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Lash Mattifier: Your Lash Extensions Primer!

Your first step in ensuring a solid bond between the natural lashes and extensions.
The product that gets the natural lashes squeaky clean for a stronger hold!

Lash Mattifier Primer is used before lash extension application to remove surface oil, dirt & makeup residue from the natural lash for a superior hold, PH balance and retention of lash extensions.

How To Use:

  • Shake the bottle well, unscrew the lid and open the inner nozzle 
  • Either insert a long-head micro brush into the opening OR/.
  • Use a lip brush by inserting the tip into the opening, ensuring the hole is completely covered, quickly turn the bottle upside down, and flick off excess product.
  • Close the nozzle and secure the lid.
  • Starting at the outer corner, thoroughly clean natural lashes, focusing on the base of the natural lashes. Do not get the product on the skin.
  • Dry lashes by holding a drying fan up over the lashes. 2-3 minutes is sufficient. (Ensure you are NOT fanning directly in front of the eye, as this will circulate the fumes into the eye.)

Why we MUST prime!

If you're not prepping, what are you doing? Have you ever seen someone paint something without priming first? Or stick something without priming the surface first?

It's no different when you're talking about lashes.
For your lash fans to stick well and get amazing retention, you must prime the natural lashes first! No ifs or buts about it!

About the product:

  • Rose Scented
  • Stored in the fridge, use it cold.
  • No need to remove it earlier to reduce the temperature
  • If you lash one eye at a time, then prime each eye before you lash it
  • Do not get the product onto the client's skin as this will burn.
  • Be cautious when using the product

Ingredients: Water, PVP, Ethanol, Allantoin

CAUTION: Always read the label before use. Store in a dark, dry & clean environment; fridge storage is recommended. The product may be flammable. ALWAYS KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN. Always have the nozzle and lid secured. Always do a patch test. If the product comes into contact with the inside of the eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly and seek medical attention if needed.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Larissa Ferraro

This lash mattifier is amazing! This product helps bond the lash extension to the natural lash perfectly

Love this Primer

Great primer and helps me achieve great results

Laura Briggs

This is the best and ONLY primer I will EVER use now. I have used other primers in the past but I've noticed a massive difference in the way this one cleans and preps the lashes compared to others. It helps the retention massively! Would highly recommend this primer to any lash artist

Bella Daher
Essential in my routine!

I love using this product as it literally causes the strongest, and most rapid bond from the lash extension to the natural lash!

Mia Ji
My go to primer

The best primer I’ve used!! It’s always my go to and not only does it make the lashes so clean but it smells amazing, I always get compliments on it, definitely recommend!!