Lash Adhesive Wipes

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Lash Adhesive Wipes
Prevent blockages with our easy, lint-free, non-residue cleaning wipes. Burping your adhesive is an essential step in maintaining a healthy glue bottle. Glue wipes are used for burping/wiping your glue nozzles. 

What are glue wipes?
Glue wipes are made from a non-woven, lint-free cloth designed for cleaning your glue nozzle after each pour and burp. (The use of tissues/paper towels will block your nozzles.)

Why do we need to burp our glue?
When pouring your glue dot, air will travel into the bottle, and because air cures adhesives, we need to get that air out! The technique is called Glue BurpingWe do this by holding the bottle straight and squeezing the sides to “burp” the bottle. Then, use a glue wipe to remove any glue/air bubbles.

Golden Rules of Lash Adhesive:
  • Pour adhesive onto the desired glue palette. 
  • Burp out the air. This is to prevent the adhesive from curing inside the bottle.
  • Wipe the nozzle clean to prevent the nozzle from blocking.
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