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In-Person Lash Extension Training Course Sydney

An online course like no other! Developed by industry leaders, this course will teach you EVERYTHING involved with classic and volume applications and all the steps and equipment you'll need to set up a successful business.

Lash Training Course | 2023
Where: Kingsgrove Studio 
When: Fridays 
Cost: $2300 Transfer or $2400 paid via website
Classes: Max 2 students per class.

What you will get:

  • A complete training kit worth $600+ (See below for the list of items) 
  • A detailed training manual to keep 
  • 2.5 days in the studio with Betty
  • 10 days of home training with guidance
  • A certificate of completion
  • Continued support through mentoring
  • Help with setting up your business email, Instagram and logo-making
  • Custom client forms 
  • Coffee and lunch will be provided 
  • How to take those perfect videos and photos
  • Marketing yourself from a beginner to an expert
  • We'll be with you every step of the way
What you will learn:
  • Product knowledge (Differences between material, diameters, curls, and sizes)
  • Hygiene, Safety & Contraindications
  • Client consultation, forms + client cards
  • Client communication, building rapport, customer service
  • Client bookings, diary maintenance, booking app
  • Trolley, bed and workstation set up
  • Price scaling from beginner to expert
  • Eye shapes
  • Lash Styles
  • Choosing the right style for your client
  • Cleanse & prep the face
  • Applying the eye pads and tape
  • Prime the lashes
  • Map the style
  • Classic Lash Application
  • Premade education
  • Volume Application
  • Taking photos
  • Aftercare education
  • Lash wash + lash bra (reseller)
  • Infill procedure
  • Removal procedure
  • Home training – 2 weeks (implementing everything taught in the classroom)
  • Branding- Business name, logo, email, social media, pricing chart.
  • And anything else we can help you with.
What's in the kit:
  • Classic D Lashes mixed length trays (.15) x 1
  • 2D 0.10 D (9-16mm) x 8 trays
  • 4D 0.07 C (8-15mm) x 8 trays
  • Practice False Lashes x 10 pairs
  • Practice sponge x1
  • Isolate Tweezer x1
  • Pick Up Tweezer x1
  • Lash Mattifier x1 
  • Lash Reset x1
  • Mega Lash Tile x2
  • Lash Wash + Brush x1
  • Lash Brushes 100pk x1
  • Lip Brushes 100pk x1
  • Micro brushes 100pk x1
  • Kiki Dummy Head x1
  • Cleansing Cotton Eye Pads 80pk x1
  • Gel Eye Pads 50 pk x1
  • Micropore Tape x1
  • P.E Tape x1
  • Green Tape x1
  • Witch-hazel Cleanser x1
  • Liquid Pump x1
  • Lash Rinser x 1
  • Handheld Fan x 1
  • Tape Dispenser 1.25cm x1
  • Tape Dispenser 2.5cm x1
  • Glue Wipes x1
  • Lash Bra x1
  • Training bag x1
  • Certificate
  • Plus extra items
  • How we run our programs:

2 Week Course:

Day 1 
  • Theory/manual
  • Kit education
  • Practice on a sponge (Classic & Premade)
  • Training on Kiki dummy  (Classic & Premade)

Day 2 To Day 13 At-home training
You'll have homework to complete before exam day. Full sets will be completed on the Kiki dummy head. You'll send photos to Betty, who will provide feedback and tips for improvement, which should be implemented in your next set. This happens daily, so you'll be in constant communication. 

Half Day
During the 2-week course, we'll organise a time for you to come in for 3-4 hrs. During this time, you'll learn how to complete an infill with a live demonstration and learn how to do a removal on Kiki.

Day 14 - Exam Day

  • You'll organise a model for the day
  • Roll-play with her as a client coming to your studio for the first time. 
  • Complete client consultation and choose the correct style for her eyes
  • Be able to demonstrate how to organise & set up your workstation
  • Complete a full set 
  • Educate your client on aftercare 
  • Take photos of your first set 
  • Receive your certificate 

Each day in the studio is a full day, from morning to early evening. You must be 100% focused and committed to this course, as we are committed to you for the entire two weeks. We will provide coffee, lunch and snacks. 

How to Book:
Class availability needs to be confirmed before purchasing this course.

  • Send a text/email to check course dates. 
  • Come in-store, meet the team, complete the form and pay your deposit.
  • Or Email the forms and transfer the deposit.
  • Or Purchase the entire course online. 
  • $2300 (Save $100) if you pay via cash or transfer. 
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