Mink Individuals - 14mm

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Mink Individuals - 14mm 

The packaging contains 60 Clusters with 20 strands of mink fibres in each. Lashes are handmade using cruelty-free mink fibres.

How To Apply:

  • Before applying, ensure your lashes and eyelids are clean of any oils. 
  • Gently remove the cluster from the tray using the knotted end and tweezers.
  • Add The Lash Store adhesive to the foil and dip the lash base into the glue.
  • Starting in the middle of your eye. Place over natural lash without touching your eyelid.
  • Leave to set and dry before applying a little mascara.

Remove & Reuse:

  • Due to the ultra-thin base of clusters, we don't recommend pulling or peeling as this will cause damage.
  • Use a specially formulated lash remover or the smallest amount of baby oil to weaken the glue.
  • Gently rub using a cotton swab to enable the lashes to fall off. 
  • To clean, only use a small amount of lukewarm water, gently washing away mascara and peeling excess glue. If you prefer not to use water, then a brow brush to brush out mascara residue will be sufficient.