Lash Reset Jelly Lash Remover

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Lash Reset Jelly Lash Remover 

Jelly Lash Remover is a strawberry-scented, highly effective, fast, non-residue remover for lash extensions. This product is recommended for experienced artists.


  • 10ml in Pump Bottle
  • Light Pink in colour
  • Jelly Texture
  • Strawberry Scented 

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  • Cleanse lashes, apply eye pads, ask the client to keep eyes closed
  • Pump product into glue ring. Using a micro/lip brush, scoop out the product
  • Starting at the outer corner, apply the product to the base of the lash extensions in a blending motion, repeat on the other eye
  • Processing time will vary depending on the lash extensions' condition and the glue used. Gently try removing lashes after 3-5 minutes
  • Wipe away excess product with cotton pads and saline/witch hazel
  • Thoroughly rinse lashes

Ingredients: 4-Methyl-1, 1,3- Dioxolan-2-one, Polyethylene glycol, Water.

CAUTION: An experienced and trained lash artist should only use this product. The product should never be self-applied. Read the label before use. Store in a dry and clean environment out of direct sunlight. If the product comes into contact with the inside of the eye, rinse well with water or saline and seek medical attention. For external use only. Keep away from children. Never pump product directly onto the client's eyes, and do not get product onto the skin.