Lash Extension Tweezer Holder

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Colour: Pink

Lash Extension Tweezer Holder

Keep your lash tweezers neat and tidy with our tweezer organiser. Holds your tweezers securely, preventing them from being misplaced or damaged. It's a valuable accessory for all lash artists. Using an angled insert design, they are designed to hold tweezers firmly in place. 


  • Designed to hold tweezers firmly in place using an angled insert design
  • Perfect organisational tool holding 6 tweezers
  • Easily accessible, it sits neatly on the trolley
  • Preventing tweezers from being misplaced or damaged
  • It also helps to keep the tweezers clean and free from dust or other debris that may accumulate on a work surface


    • Black
    • White
    • Pink                                                                                                   
    *Tweezers are not included.
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