Lash Extension Tweezers - Lash Decor Collection

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Style: Straight

Colour: White

Lash Extension Tweezers - Lash Decor Collection

Quality Lash Extension tweezers make a big difference in the speed and quality of your work. Our tweezer range is tried and tested; they are high quality, lightweight and durable and have become an all-time favourite among lash artists and trainers. 6 styles to choose from. 


  • Handmade using high-quality stainless steel
  • Each tweezer tip is hand-blended
  • Tweezers are magnetic
  • Tips have been tested for quality and are super durable and long-lasting
  • Painted (Be cautious when using Tweezer cleanse and UV Machines)
  • Manufactured in Pakistan
  • Please note: Because these tweezers are handmade, slight variations may occur 

Measurements: Length of tweezer

  • Straight 12.5cm 
  • Isolate 13cm 
  • Precise Isolate 12cm 
  • Mini Pick Up 12cm 
  • Volume 11.3cm
  • Curved12cm 


    • Pink or White with Lash Decor


    • Wipe tweezer heads with an alcohol wipe after each client
    • Use a tweezer cleanse to remove any adhesive dots. Avoid painted parts
    • Do tips feel blunt? Use a nail file to sharpen tips gently
    • Use a tweezer case to house your tweezers, keeping them clean and safe
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