Lash Reset Cream Lash Remover

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Lash Reset | Cream Lash Remover

An effective cream lash extension remover. It works well for all eyes, especially the sensitive ones, and leaves no residue. Perfect for beginner and intermediate artists.


  • 10g Tub
  • Clear Cream 
  • Slower & Safer 


  • Cleanse lashes, apply lash pads & advise the client to keep their eyes closed throughout the treatment.
  • Scoop the product into a dappen dish using a lip brush, then mix the cream to smooth out the texture.
  • Start applying from the outer corner, moving inwards, focusing on the base where the adhesive is
  • Ensure you have enough product covering the lash bases and do not get product onto clients' skin.
  • Optional: Cover the lashes with wrap film or a second pair of eye pads
  • Waiting time will vary depending on the adhesive used; typically, the cream will activate within 15-25 minutes
  • Once lashes have been removed, the banana peel technique can remove any remaining fans.
  • Use a cotton pad and saline/witch hazel to wipe away any remaining product before rinsing thoroughly. 
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Ingredients: 1,3-Dioxolan-2-ONE, 4-Methyl-Propylene Carbonate. 


CAUTION: Always read the label before use. Patch test recommended. Only to be used by a trained lash artist. Should never be self-applied. Store in a relaxed environment, out of direct sunlight. ALWAYS KEEP OUT OF REACH FROM CHILDREN. This product is for external use only. If the product is swallowed, seek medical attention. If the Product comes into contact with the inside of the eyes, rinse thoroughly with saline and seek medical attention if needed.