Banana Thick Lash Extension Adhesive

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Banana Thick Lash Extension Adhesive

It is named Banana due to its scent and thicker consistency than Rapid Bond.


  • Banana Scented
  • Thick yet flexible 
  • Smooth and extra strong
  • Black in colour
  • Long Expiry - 3 months after opening
  • 0.5-1 Second drying time
  • Humidity 55-65%
  • Degrees 18-25
  • Store in fridge and use cold for optimum results
  • The smallest amount needed. Never use excess adhesive
  • Sold in 5ml to avoid wastage
  • Bulk Buy: Buy two or above and pay only $31.50 each
Tips to Remember:
  • A little goes a long way.
  • Always stored in a fridge. (before & after opening).
  • Dont keep it near Lash Bonder.
  • Always burp your adhesives.
  • Use the provided pin to pop the nozzle on first use.

Made in Korea.

Ingredients: Ethyl 2- Cyanoacrylate, PMMA, Ethoxyethyl Cyanoacrylate, Black Pigment. Latex and formaldehyde free.

CAUTION: Read the label before use. The lid must be securely tightened to prevent air penetration at all times. Store in a dry and clean environment—product to be stored in the fridge. Banana Thick Lash Extension Adhesive should only be used for lash extensions by an experienced lash artist. Patch tests are always recommended. Ensure all safety measures are taken to protect the client,  yourself and the furniture during application.


Customer Reviews

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The BEST glue!

Found this glue on a fb lash group and had to the it. It’s been my holy grail ever since!!!!

Emilee Curran
Best lash glue out🥰

Absolutely in love with this glue I would recommend to any lash tech. This glue never fails me my clients always have great retention. Bonus it smells amazing!!


Already reviewed this but I will again… it’s just a great glue and I’ve tried so many over my 12 year career! Very sturdy, quick, long lasting and the retention is fabulous

Ebony - Elite Lash and brow artistry
Best glue ever!!!

This glue has been my go to for the past 8 weeks, I originally bought it as a gimmick because I love banana lolly flavour/scent, and I was so surprised I used the whole bottle and my clients have been coming back with 60-70% retention! So easy to keep in the fridge, comes with spare nozzle and the shelf life is unreal. Slightly thick but great for classics and pro made fans. I’m in love, banana glue ambassador! Haha