LED Macro Lens

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Colours: Pink

LED Macro Lens 

It's time to take your social media pics to the next level. Achieve those crystal clear close-up pics with our LED Macro Lens.


  • 15X Macro Lens giving you close-definition pictures
  • LED Ring light, which is also detachable 
  • Light - 3 Brightness levels - Touch activated 
  • USB Chargeable
  • 53 LED lamp beads, warm light 2800K, natural light 4000K, cold light 6500K,
  • Wide-angled lens expands the range of photo capture
  • Battery life: 30 minutes at high and 100 minutes at low brightness. 
  • Super convenient. Just clip and snap!


    • Size: 68x16.5mm/2.68x0.65inch
    • Macro diameter: 37mm
    • Magnification: 15X
    • Charging V: DC 5V±0.5
    • LEDs: 53pcs
    • Battery capacity: 100mAh
    • Iillumination: 26-28 lumens 550Lux

      Inside the box:

      • Beauty LED Light
      • Marco Lens
      • USB Charging Cord
      • Clip
      • Dustproof Cover 
      • Cleaning Cloth 
      • Storage Bag
      NOTE: Pink is NOT metalic.

      How to use:
      Open and plug into charge for 24 hrs
      (Even if the green light appears, contiune to charge device for the 24hrs)
      Once fully charged, work out which camera is the macro lense.
      The screen that shows a blurriness is your macro lense.
      Place your hand over your new macro lens to focus the lense.
      Turn on the LED light, choose the colour and the brightness level
      Focus your macro and take your shots!

      The better the lighting the better the photo
      Get close and slowly zoom in, doing it fast will lose focus.
      For iPhone 14 mobiles and above, please turn on 'macro control' in your
      camera settings whilst using the marco lens.
      SKU TLS169-P