Everything You Need to Know About Lash Extensions

Were you thinking about getting your lashes done? Are you tired of applying mascara? Or getting lash lifts and ending up with over-processed and frizzy lashes? Do you admire other ladies who's lashes are always so pretty? If you are reading this, it means you've been thinking and researching about getting your lashes done!

Nowadays, many women want to achieve the perfect look. However, most of us live hectic lives or don't have the patience or time each morning to look all prim and proper, so for this reason, many ladies are turning to lash extensions.

With many different names and styles being thrown around on social media, it can sometimes be challenging to work out what you want or even explain it to your lash technician. Not to worry! We've come to the rescue and created this blog to explain everything in detail.

What are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are applied to your natural lashes. You can maintain a normal lifestyle with little maintenance for your new lashes. If applied correctly, lash extensions will not cause any damage to your natural lashes. Regardless, all human lashes fall out and regrow every 6-8 weeks, as this is human biology. You must have infills every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain your lashes.

Lashes last differently with each person. It will come down to your lifestyle and how you care for them. For example, suppose you wear minimal makeup and clean your lashes daily. In that case, you'll probably return with ¾ full lashes, perfect for 2-week infills. Other people who wear daily thick eye makeup and don't thoroughly clean their lashes obviously won't last as long. Infill prices will vary depending on your lash retention. 

How are lash extensions applied?

Applying lash extensions is more straightforward than you may think; however, choosing someone who knows what they are doing is essential. A referred artist is always the best way to go.

The artist should begin by consulting about your desired look; then, they will proceed with prepping the face, priming the lashes very well (because nothing sticks to dirty lashes), and mapping the lengths. She'll use two tweezers, one to isolate and the other to pick and place. Once a natural lash is isolated, the artist will pick up a lash extension fan off her lash tray, dip it into the adhesive, and tap the base before placing it onto your natural lash.

What are the different types of lash extensions?

Lash Extensions come in different materials, diameters and lengths; all these aspects come into play with the final lash style:

Lash Materials

Mink, Faux Mink, Silk and PBT. We only use and sell PBT as this is currently the best product on the market. It is a premium product from Korea, and fans are manufactured in China. It applies well, with a stronghold and has a long lifetime.

Lash Lengths

Our available lengths are 8mm to 17mm. The lengths you choose are the most significant factor in how the lash style will turn out.

We recommend starting with 8mm or 9mm at the inner corners. If you are still determining how long you would like them, we suggest stopping at 13mm and adjusting the lengths at your next infill appointment.

It's important to note that what you request and what your lashes can handle could be different. Your lash artist should discuss this with you during the consultation.

Tip: Be mindful of lengths if you wear glasses.

Lash Diameters

Lashes are also available in different diameters, which refers to the weight/thickness of each strand.

The smaller the number, the lighter in weight, colour and thickness.

The higher the number, the heavier in weight, darker in colour and wider in thickness.

For classic sets, the diameter is higher as they are a 1-lash to 1 natural lash; 0.15 is the most commonly used thickness. Premade fans usually come in 3 options: .05, .07 and .10. The most popular is .07.

Lash Curls

There are approximately six different lash curls on the market. The most popular two are C & D. D curl is a curlier lash, and C is less curly and recommended for smaller or more mature clients.

What does D Mean? 

One of the most asked questions is: What are the differences with all the D's? The answer is simple. Dimensional!

2D is two strands to a lash fan – 2 dimensional

3D is three strands to a lash fan- 3 dimensional

4D is four strands to a lash fan– 4 dimensional

What is the difference between classic, volume, mega and russian lashes?

These are names given to lash styles, generally referring to the diameter used to create the look. Many artists use different words to market their lash styles. Classics are the OG's; it's a single lash extension to a natural lash. Volume usually means .07. Mega lashes are created using 0.05, Whilst Russian Lashes are 0.03.

Lash Styles

Lash Styles are designed to benefit the client's eyes, and in reverse, choosing the wrong style could emphasise what you were meant to fix.

There isn't one style for everyone. However, after the artist has given you her professional opinion, you might still want to do the style you've longed for, which is OK! Just keep in mind the artist's professional opinion.

There are three lash styles: 

Cateye: Longest lengths at the end, which elongates the eyes.

Kitten: Longest lengths at the brow arch, which lifts the eyes.

Doll: Longest lengths in the middle, which opens up the eyes.

Each style can be natural or dramatic, depending on the lengths used.

Caring For Your Lash Extensions

  • No water or steam within the first 24 hours after your appointment. Unless your lash artist has used a Lash Bonder.
  • No oily products. Usually, face products and eye creams contain oil.
  • No mascara and Eyeliner. Those two ruin lash extensions as the residue turns muddy.
  • Don't touch your lashes with your fingers. Only use your brush. Your fingers are strong and lashes are fragile.
  • Clean your lashes with an approved Lash Cleaner.
  • Brush lashes daily AM and PM.
  • Don't pat lashes with a towel. Only gently blink onto a towel to semi-dry them.
  • Don't brush wet lashes. Wait until they are dry.
  • 3D lash bras/sleep masks are perfect for side sleepers.

Still need to figure out what you are after? You can always seek help from our specialists at The Lash Store HQ. We will help you decide on all aspects of your new lash extensions. We are Australia's leading lash supplier and lash extensions trainer in Sydney. We have been the go-to lash supplier for over eight years.

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