Trouble Shooting For Applying Strip Lashes

Below are some common issues you may encounter while applying strip lashes with recommended solutions you can try.

Your lashes didn't stick.
Read the glue label and check what the recommended waiting time is. Most adhesives are 15-30 secs. Sometimes, waiting too little or too long stops the lashes from sticking.

Your lashes are lifting in my inner corner. 
This could happen from too much lash adhesive in the inner corner; the solution cannot dry, and a grip can not occur. Same with applying too little adheisve when the glue dries quicker and can not drip. 
Also, check that it's not too high above the lash line or past the inner corner of the eye. The base needs to be flat enough for the lash band. 

Your strip lashes are facing towards the sky.
Look closely in the mirror; the false lash band isn't following your natural lash. Easy fix. Use the Applicator to bend them down so they're following your natural lash.

Your strip lashes are making your eyes look droopy.
You need to trim more from the outer edges. We've mentioned the trimming process in our blog, "Your guide on how to apply false strip lashes". It's essential that you don't have an overhang, as this creates a droopy eye.

Your lashes are poking you.
They're too close to your inner eye. You've placed them too close to your inner eye. If the adhesive is still wet, you can move them over, pulling them towards your outer eye.

I can see the false lashes/ they feel heavy.
Your lashes are too low and might be sitting on your lashes instead of your lash line. Remove and try again.

I can see a gap between my false lashes and natural lashes. 
Another easy fix is to wait until the glue has dried and apply mascara.
Then, use your lash applicator to close the gap between the false and natural lashes by compressing them together.