Choosing the perfect lashes for your face

By now, you would know there are so many different lash styles on the market.

The reason is that each eye shape requires a different lash style, and then there are lashes for various events. If you are going to a party, you would want something more glam, and if you were going to an afternoon BBQ, you would like something more on the natural side. 

Your first step is to work out what kind of eyes you have. Then, this will determine which lash style will compliment your eyes. Then you can shop the different types in that shape range.

What eye shape are you?

Have a look at your eyes in the mirror. While looking at your iris, making an imaginary line to the outer corner. 

If the line ends with the outer corner, you have an almond eye. 

If the line ends above the outer corner, you have turned down, slanted eyes. 

If the line ends below the corners, you have a turned-up eye. 

Once you've got your shape, you must look at other characteristics like size.  

WIDE SET EYES: Having a more significant gap between your eyes.

CLOSE SET EYES: Your eyes are closer together.

DEEP SET EYES: Sitting further back under the brow bone.

HOODED EYES: You cannot see your eyelids when your eyes are opened.

ROUND / PROMINENT EYES: You see more white around the iris.

The Different Lash Styles

Lash Styles: Cat eye (longer lengths at the end)
Aim: To elongate the eye
Suited: Large eyes, rounded eyes, almond eyes, natural lifted eyes. 

Lash Styles: Kitten eye (longer lengths at the brow arch)
Aim: To lift the eyes
Suited: Turned down eyes, slanted eyes, monolid eyes, small eyes, almond eyes, natural lifted eyes.

Lash Style: Doll eye (longest in the middle)
Aim: To open up the eyes
Suited: Small eyes, monolid eyes

What lash style suits which eye shape?

For every eye shape there is a lash style to suit and compliment the eye. Some ladies are lucky enough to pull off every style, while others have a specific style they should opt for. With the below recommended eye shapes will have also recommended lash styles.

ALMOND EYES: You can literally pull off any lash style. The world is yours. DOLL & CAT EYE would suit you best.

WIDE SET EYES: Reverse Cat- Eye. Something thicker at the start to manipulate the space between your eyes.

CLOSE SET EYES: Cat Eye or Kitten Eye to reduce the focus from the middle of your eyes and give the illusion of a wider set eye. 

ROUND / PROMINENT EYES: Cat Eye, this style will make your eyes appear more almond shaped, by elongating them. 

DEEP SET EYES: A Doll Eye using short lengths would be first choice, otherwise a kitten lash style. 

HOODED / MONOLID EYES: Less dramatic lashes, kitten lash style.

DOWN TURN / DROOPY EYES: Kitten Lash Style to lift the slanted eyes.

Still in doubt? Your lash artist should discuss your eye shap and lash style with you at your consultation. You are also welcome to give the team The Lash Store a call and one our experienced team members will guide you to make the right choice for you.

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