Premade Hybrid Lash Fans

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Volume: 3D

Curl: C

Premade Hybrid Lash Fans - Mixed Lengths

No need to struggle with mapping and flicking through lash trays to create those hybrids. We've done all the hard work for you- Premade Hybrid Fans.

A perfect fan each and every time. The premade fans that changed the industry!

Supplying lash artists around the globe with premium lash trays for over 7 years. Quality tested, trainer favourites, the go-to place for all your lash needs!

About Our Premade Hybrid Lash Fans:
  • 3D or 5D
  • C or D Curl
  • 3D Trays 800 Fans 
  • 5D Trays 440 Fans 
  • Strands are 0.07 & middle strand 0.15
  • All Strands In The Fan Are The SAME Length.
  • 100% Cruelty-Free Premium PBT 
  • Mixed Lengths 
  • Lengths 8mm to 15mm
  • Bases Short To Medium
  • Lightweight Extra Client Comfort
  • Wide-Set Fans - Extreme Fluffiness
  • Easy To Pick Up Fans With No Residue
  • Dark Black Fans - No Blue Tone Reflections
  • Foiled Backing Strips - Strong Hold
  • NO spider-looking lashes in-between infills

Lengths x Rows Per Tray:

  • 8x1 - 9x2 - 10x3 - 11x3 - 12x3 - 13x3 - 14x3 - 15x2

How To Use:

  • We always recommend removing the strip from the tray
  • Picking up the fans in 2 steps, first close to the base. Peeling towards you
  • Place it back down, pick it up from mid-way to dip, tap and place
  • When dipping into the adhesive, only apply adhesive to the base of the stem

Why Shop With Us?

  • Australian Small Business 
  • 7+ Years in the lash industry
  • Lash Educators & Mentors
  • Our reputation is: "They sell the best products." 
  • We use our products on all our clients, so they are continuously getting tested.
  • Loved by over 10K Lash Artists around the world
  • Fastest growing Lash & Beauty Supplier in Australia - There's a reason why! 
  • Best quality products at very competitive prices 
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